Over the last few years my appreciation of fine art and those who created it have been nurtured through the study of artists, musicians, and poets. The products provided here are some of my favorites and are shared for your enjoyment, too.

If you would like to develop an appreciation for art, poetry, music, scripture, and nature study, the Gentle Introduction to Fine Arts is for you. This course will gently introduce you, over a 12 month period, to these things and more.

If you love antique art and would like to enjoy it displayed in your home, take advantage of the  instant high quality downloads of the works of great artists from long ago. These artworks are saved for you in four (4) common formats including the Samsung Display and can easily be printed, framed, and displayed.

All of the art I share here can be found in the Public Domain. The artists are recognized and adored for their works and cherished for the beauty they gave us such a long time ago.