Everyday Kitchen Guide: Essentials for a Nurturing Kitchen

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Everyday Kitchen Guide | Fresh Wanderings

Everyday Kitchen Guide | Fresh Wanderings

I am thrilled to share this Everyday Kitchen Guide with you. These are the essentials I believe are important to a nurturing family kitchen written out in a practical checklist form. My desire for this space is that I give you the tools you need to create moments that nurture and gather those you love. Whether your gatherings occur around the homeschool table or the kitchen table, I want this to be a place that helps you make those moments memorable.

The guide I am sharing today helps streamline grocery shopping, simplifies meal planning, and is a good “packing list” for kitchen essentials. It has become one of my most cherished kitchen tools. I hope it becomes the same for you.

Download the Everyday Kitchen Guide Here

One of the homemaking areas where I struggle most is in my kitchen. Knowing what to cook for dinner and checking that I have all needed ingredients on hand often leaves me overwhelmed and, more often than I care to admit, sends us to the nearest fast-food restaurant. Over time I have learned that the hardest working kitchens are those stocked with basics and not overcrowded with items that don’t meet numerous needs. By having fewer but more useful items on hand, meal planning becomes streamlined and simple.

Everyday Kitchen Guide | Essentials for a Nurturing Kitchen

Recently, I decided that my kitchen needed to be purged of items we had been holding onto that had never been used. I also wanted to clean out a lot of overly processed foods and get back to the basics. In the process of cleaning, this Everyday Kitchen Guide came to be. After some tweaking and re-formatting, I am thrilled to share it with you.

How can this checklist help you?

  1. It will streamline your shopping and cooking.
  2. You will become more aware of what you have and what you have used, reducing food waste.
  3. Simplifying your pantry may help you save money.

The Everyday Kitchen Guide will help you gather all of the essentials needed for a nurturing kitchen. The checklist is 4 pages and includes: essentials for a well-stocked pantry, essentials for a well-stocked refrigerator, essentials for well-stocked cupboards & cabinets, and essentials for gatherings and every day. It is a perfect starting point to curating a kitchen that is useful and welcoming….and it’s free through the month of August. I hope you use it and make it your own. Add to it or take away from it as you feel best for your family.

Click here to download your copy of the Everyday Kitchen Guide

Once you download the Everyday Kitchen Guide make the most of it by:

  • Cleaning and decluttering the pantry, refrigerator, and cupboards. Starting with a clean slate sets the tone for a well-managed kitchen.
  • Using the checklist to grocery shop. Work slowly to build your essentials. Get only what you need, what you will use, and what you can afford.
  • Building your meal plans with the new ingredients you have on hand.

Everyday Kitchen Guide | Fresh Wanderings

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